Manure Providers

For information about differences between manure and compost, determining your manure need, and what to ask a manure provider when you are searching for manure, check out "Manure and Compost Information."

This is a “no guarantees, use at your own risk” service. Manure and compost are generally not certified to be weed-free or organic. The material may not be suitable for all intended uses.

Providers are not responsible for hauling costs or any costs associated with vehicle/dump-truck rentals, etc. This is a voluntary, community project, so please be considerate of those participating in this service.

The Rhode Island Conservation Districts and Farm Fresh Rhode Island cannot guarantee the quality of compost or manure advertised, or guarantee any particular result for its use. Under no circumstances shall The Rhode Island Conservation Districts and Farm Fresh Rhode Island be responsible for any loss or damage caused by or resulting from the exchange of manure or compost under this program.

To ensure you are getting manure that has been composted thoroughly and safely, follow the guidelines outlined on this page.

IMPORTANT! You cannot be a Provider if pyridine carboxylic herbicides (aminopyralid, clopyralid, fluroxypyr, picloram, and triclopyr) were used on livestock hay or pastures. Their presence may kill vegetation if they are in manure or compost applied to soil. 

Manure Providers

Providers by Location

Locate the Manure Provider near you using the county map at right, then scroll down for provider details and contact information.

For a printable version of this list, click here.

Funding to assist in removal and transportation of manure is available. For more information you can reach out to:
Marina Capraro, Agriculture and Forestry Program Manager
(401) 934-0840 ext. 3


#1  Area: Foster-Coventry Line
Contact: Chloe Robataille
Type: Horse Manure

#2 Area: Western Foster
Contact: Janice Key
Type: Horse Manure
Has a small tractor with bucket to load/unload manure. Manure is accessible - could drive a truck up to pile.

#3 Area: Central Pike/North Scituate
Contact: Skye Pechie
Type: Horse Manure
Has a tractor with a bucket. Manure is accessible by path/wheelbarrow. 

#4 Area: Clayville/Scituate
Contact: Mark Thompson
Type: Horse, sheep manure
Has machinery. Manure easily accessible.





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