Moswansicut Reservoir

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Working Together To Protect The Moswansicut Reservoir

What is the Moswansicut Reservoir? Why Does It Need Our Help?
Moswansicut Reservoir is a natural lake that is now part of the Scituate Reservoir system. Water from the Moswansicut feeds the Scituate Reservoir, which provides over 60% of Rhode Islanders with drinking water. Although the Scituate Reservoir system has historically been very clean, a 2013 study by scientists from ESS Group, Inc. found that the health of the Moswansicut Reservoir is at risk due to phosphorus loading from its watershed.

If you live in the Moswansicut Reservoir watershed, you can help to protect this beautiful water body by paying close attention to how you fertilize your lawn, maintain your septic system, and manage your pets and livestock. You can also help by signing up for one of our volunteer events, or learning more at one of our free workshops.

Do I Live In the Watershed?
If your home is in the outline shown at right, you live in the Moswansicut Reservoir Watershed. Zip codes in the watershed include many Johnston homes in 02919 and Scituate and Glocester homes in 02857. This watershed is a small part of the Scituate Reservoir Watershed. If you do not live in the watershed, you are still welcome at our workshops and events!

Email Molly Allard at with any questions about this project!

Learn More About How You Can Help The Moswansicut!

"The Moswansicut Reservoir Phosphorus Project"
"Properly Manage Your Pet Waste"
"Use Water-Friendly Lawn Care Practices"

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Photo by Christopher Riely, Providence Water

Aerial View of Moswansicut Reservoir

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