The Northern Rhode Island Conservation District works in partnership with private land owners, farmers, municipalities, state and federal agencies, as well as non-governmental agencies. NRICD is not a regulatory or enforcement agency, but rather provides assistance to those who desire to work as a team to face issues -- watershed by watershed.

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Manure Management For Small Farms Webinar
Thursday, April 28, 2022 — POSTPONED
Rescheduled to Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 6:00pm
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People's Garden Initiative 2022 
Request for Proposals
Each Conservation District will be seeking to fund three projects.
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The Urban Growers Leadership Program / Urban Growers Cob Qhia Thawj Coj / Programa de Liderazgo de Cultivadores Urbanos
The Urban Growers Leadership Program is a bilingual, informational series consisting of workshops, farm tours and a skill-share program for leading urban farmers and gardeners in Providence County, RI. / Urban Growers Cob Qhia Thawj Coj yog yuav qhia ua ntau hom lus, yuav kawm ua ntu zuj zus, yuav mus ncig saib tej teb, qhia txog yam yus txhawj, kom los coj tau cov tib neeg ua teb nyob rau hauv nroog Providence RI. / Programa de Liderazgo de Cultivadores Urbanos es una serie educacional bilingüe consistiendo de talleres, recorridos por granjas y un programa de habilidades compartidas dirigido a líderes agricultores y jardineros urbanos en el Condado de Providence, RI.
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Employee Spotlight
Congratulations to Kate Sayles on receiving the National Conservation Planning Partnership Employee Spotlight for August 2020!
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Director Spotlight

NRICD celebrates the honoring of Jean Lynch, long-standing Director of NRICD
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