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Northern Rhode Island Conservation District is committed to providing public information and education in an effort to reduce nonpoint sources of pollution from entering drinking water supplies as well as recreational rivers, lakes, ponds and streams. Scroll down to view our many programs and projects.


Snake Den Farm





Urban Growers Leadership Program





Storm Drain Marking in North Scituate





Scituate High School Program





Shoreline Restoration





Rain Garden in North Scituate





Tree Filter Installation in North Scituate




Snake Den Farm
The Northern Rhode Island Conservation District (NRICD) has been charged with managing and operating Snake Den Farm, owned by the State of Rhode Island.  In November 2013, the Northern RI Conservation District signed a lease with the RI Department of Environmental Management to oversee the management of historic Snake Den Farm, a 150–acre farm located on Brown Avenue in Johnston. The farm is located within the boundary of Snake Den Park, a 744-acre State Park that stretches from Hartford Avenue to Greenville Avenue, along the Brown Avenue Historic District. It is the Northern RI Conservation District’s mission to use a sustainable, conservation-minded approach to bring historic Snake Den Farm back into agricultural production.

Scituate Reservoir Watershed Education Program
The Scituate Reservoir is a critical source of drinking water and provides over 60% of Rhode Islanders with drinking water. The Scituate Reservoir Watershed Education Program is a partnership between Providence Water and the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District. It was formed to educate landowners in the watershed of the Scituate Reservoir about the connection between land use and water quality, and how they can help protect this precious resource. Click on the link below for details on program components and information on protecting water quality.

Program Components:

  • Elementary Classroom Presentations
  • AWEsome! Active Watershed Education Curriculum Teacher Training
  • Annual Poster Contest for Grades 3-8
  • Billboard Campaign
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Neighbor to Neighbor: Direct Mailing to New Residents in the Watershed
  • Public Water Quality Workshops for Adult Residents
  • Woodscaping Workshops for Residents with 5 or More Acres
  • Business Bulletins
  • Water Festival
  • More Information:

Technical Assistance and Outreach Partnerships with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
NRICD staff work closely with USDA NRCS to help land operators apply for Farm Bill-funded programs, to write conservation plans, and more. Additionally, NRICD and its Conservation District partners across the state host outreach events and educational efforts to make sure that all eligible producers are aware of the resources available through USDA NRCS.

People's Garden Initiative 2020-2021

Request for Proposals

Proposals will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis beginning on Monday, November 16, 2020. More information to be posted.

Providence County Urban Growers Leadership Program
Now in its second year, this “train the trainer” program provides leading urban growers with a stipend to support their participation in a workshop series and optional skill-share program that will allow them to build their growing skills so that they can share them with their communities.

For 2020-2021, the program is fully bilingual and all elements are offered in both English and Kinyarwanda. Partners in this effort include Southside Community Land Trust, Community Health Innovations of Rhode Island, Groundwork RI, Farm Fresh RI, African Alliance of RI, the City of Providence, and numerous growers and gardeners.

Engineering and Construction Efforts with USDA NRCS and the RI Association of Conservation Districts
On an as-needed project basis, NRICD works with USDA NRCS and RIACD to facilitate large construction and engineering projects that help to conserve natural resources in Providence County. Past efforts have included the design of a new fish ladder for the Blackstone River, the restoration of a flood plane in Johnston, and the design of a large manure storage facility in Smithfield.


Moswansicut Reservoir Outreach & Monitoring Project
NRICD was awarded funding for the Moswansicut Reservoir Project, to provide Scituate, Foster, Glocester, and Johnston residents with information about the Moswansicut Reservoir and provide Clean Not Green workshops and events.

The Urban Rain Garden Project

See how Rhode Island high school students joined environmental efforts in their city while learning Biology, Ecology and more. A project of the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District working in partnership with USDA—Natural Resource Conservation Service, Shea Senior High, and Woonsocket High School, with support from Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program, and Patagonia BOSTON.

Wetland Education Resources


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