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2018 Poster Contest Winners







Poster Contest - Scituate Reservoir Watershed Education Program ANNUAL CONTEST

Each year students in grades 3-8 from Scituate, Foster, Glocester and Western Johnston public schools create posters with a water quality protection theme. The winner for each school wins his/her class a pizza party. Then one winner is chosen from the 3rd-5th grade category, and the 6th-8th grade category. These posters are then submitted to a national contest sponsored by the National Association of Conservation Districts. Up to 1500 students are eligible to participate in the poster contest.

The Scituate Reservoir Watershed Education Program's
22nd Annual Poster Contest

Forestry For The Birds





Elementary School Division Grand Prize Winner
Sophia Baima
Fogarty Memorial School

Sophia Baima's exquisitely detailed poster shows us all of the beautiful birds and mammals that call the forests of the Scituate Reservoir watershed home. Her poster shows that fallen trees are an important part of forest ecosystems, teaches about the importance of trees to birds' migration patterns, and captivates viewers and readers with a brightly colored and catchy slogan. Sophia is a fourth grader in Mrs. Harris' class at Fogarty Memorial School in Glocester.


Middle School Division Grand Prize Winner
Abigail Azevedo
Ponaganset Middle School

Abigail Azevedo is a 6th grade student from Ponaganset Middle School who participated in the poster contest with her science class, led by Mrs. Simao. Abigail's beautiful artwork highlights the connections between forests and the Scituate Reservoir. The cross-section view of the forest shows how trees' strong roots help to hold soil in place while also filtering pollutants and providing wildlife habitat. Her poster also reminds us that the Scituate Reservoir is not just an important drinking water supply, but also a beautiful aquatic ecosystem that fish and other organisms call home.

All third through eighth grade students in Scituate, Foster, Glocester, and Western Johnston were invited to participate in this year's annual poster contest, which is sponsored by the Scituate Reservoir Watershed Education Program (SRWEP), a collaboration between Providence Water and Northern Rhode Island Conservation District.  Our 2018 curriculum, "Forestry For The Birds," was designed to support an upcoming program by the Rhode Island Resource Conservation and Development Council that will educate foresters and forest land owners about the importance of creating a diverse collection of forested habitats, such as small wildlife openings and forests of differing heights and stages of development, in order to support migratory birds such as the scarlet tanager and black throated blue warbler who occupy very specific forest "niches" and are at risk of reduced populations due to development.

Grand prize and school winning posters were selected by Betsy Dake, Senior Environmental Scientist from RIDEM's Office of Water Resources; Christopher Riely, Forest Supervisor for Providence Water; and Paul Dolan from the RI Resource Conservation and Development Council.  Grand Prize, School, and Honorable Mention awards were presented at the annual SRWEP Water Festival on May 1, 2018 by Ricky Caruolo, General Manager and Stephen Soito, P.E. Senior Manager of Water Supply, Providence Water.  Also addressing the students was Richard Went, Vice Chairman of the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District .  All winning posters will be featured in the 2018 SRWEP Calendar, which will be available free of charge in November, 2018 at libraries, schools, small businesses , and town halls in Scituate, Foster, Glocester, and Johnston. 

School Winning Posters


Lauren Henault
Miss Colvin's Class
Clayville Elementary


Anthony "AJ" Murgida, Jr.
Ms. Queenan's Class
Fogarty Memorial Grade 3





Gianna Restrepo
Mrs. Leonetti's Class
Hope Elementary School


Vivian Pimentel
Ms. Fallon's Class
West Glocester Grade 3





Danistheliz Ortiz
Mrs. Ranucci's Class
Brown Avenue School


Fabiola Beene
Mrs. DiLuglio's Class
North Scituate School





 Regina Walsh
Mrs. Hall's Class
 Scituate Middle School


 Cheyanne Pigeon
Mrs. Aldous' Class
West Glocester Grade 4




Lydia Mueller
Mrs. Krikstone's Class
Captain Isaac Paine School


Honorable Mention Winners

Giada Zolkos, North Scituate Elementary (Mrs. DiLuglio's class)
Mirabelle Beene, Scituate Middle School (Mrs. Hall's class)
Lila, Fogarty Memorial School (Mrs. Harris' class)
Dreyden, Captain Isaac Paine School (Mrs. Catullo's class)
Nora Pieters, West Glocester Elementary School (Ms. Fallon's class)
Simona, Scituate Middle School (Mrs. Sullivan's class)


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