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2017 Poster Contest Winners

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Poster Contest - Scituate Reservoir Watershed Education Program ANNUAL CONTEST

Each year students in grades 3-8 from Scituate, Foster, Glocester and Western Johnston public schools create posters with a water quality protection theme. The winner for each school wins his/her class a pizza party. Then one winner is chosen from the 3rd-5th grade category, and the 6th-8th grade category. These posters are then submitted to a national contest sponsored by the National Association of Conservation Districts. Up to 1500 students are eligible to participate in the poster contest.

The Scituate Reservoir Watershed Education Program's
21st Annual Poster Contest

Groundwater: The World Beneath our Feet






Elementary School Division Grand Prize Winner:
Logan Smith

Logan is in Mrs. Krikstone's 3rd grade class at Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School. This poster provides instructions on how to protect your drinking water well while you protect the groundwater. The important reminder to have your well water tested is included. Homeonwers are the only responsible party for having their individual well water tested, unlike public drinking water supplies. The arrows in Logan's poster indicate that what is on the ground can sink down into the groundwater and eventually your well, illustrating the land water connection.


Middle School Division Grand Prize Winner:
Jessica Lamoureux

Jessica is a 6th grade student at Scituate Middle School in Mrs. Sullivan's class. Jessica's illustrates the need for all of us together to be the solution to pollution. We each have a responsibility to reduce all chemical use - including pesticides and fertilizers, and to use them responsibly. Use organic methods of gardening and lawn care, recycle, dispose of all household chemical or hazardous waste for free at Eco Depot stations or take them to the Eco Depot at the RI Resource Recovery Corporation in Johnston.

Groundwater Needs Protection

All third through eighth grade students in Scituate, Foster, Glocester, and Western Johnston were invited to participate in this year's annual poster contest, which is sponsored by the Scituate Reservoir Watershed Education Program (SRWEP), a collaboration between Providence Water and Northern Rhode Island Conservation District. In 2017, SRWEP was pleased to have all seven eligible elementary schools participate, as well as the three middle schools that serve in the watershed area. Curriculum distributed to participating schools discussed the importance of protecting ground water as a means of protecting drinking water wells and the drinking water of the Scituate Reservoir which provides drinking water to over 60% of RI residents. All curriculum packets were correlated to state standards and designed to support teachers' academic goals.

Grand prize and school winning posters were selected by Betsy Dake, Senior Environmental Scientist from RIDEM's Office of Water Resources; Christopher Riely, Forest Supervisor for Providence Water; and Paul Dolan from the RI Resource Conservation and Development Council. Grand Prize, School, and Honorable Mention awards were presented at the annual SRWEP Water Festival on May 2, 2017 by Ricky Caruolo, General Manager and Stephen Soito, P.E. Senior Manager of Water Supply, Providence Water. Also addressing the students was Richard Went Vice Chairman of the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District. All winning posters will be featured in the 2018 SRWEP Calendar, which will be available free of charge in November, 2017.

School Winning Posters


Brian Kelly
Miss Colvin's Class
Clayville Elementary


Peter Giorgianni
Mrs. Harris' Class
Fogarty Memorial





Isabella O'Leary
Mrs. Roy's Class
Hope Elementary School


Amanda Tondreau
Ms. Dulude's Class
West Glocester Elementary





Myra Buch
Mrs. Ranucci's Class
Brown Avenue School


Jordan Mailhot
Mrs. DiLuglio's Class
North Scituate School





Katelyn Tancrede
Mrs. Simao's Class
Ponaganset Middle School


Ava Moniz
Mrs. Kent's Class
Nicholas A. Ferri Middle School


Honorable Mention Winners

Cyrus Bousquet and Molly Souza, both of Captain Isaac Paine (Mrs. Catullo's class)
Holden Jennings of Fogarty Elementary (Mrs. Cottrell's class)
Addisen Naylor of North Scituate School (Mrs. DiLuglio's class)


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