Northern Rhode Island Conservation District


The Northern Rhode Island Conservation District (NRICD) is a non-profit, quasi-public organization that  functions as a facilitator for meeting the needs of the local land user in the conservation of soil, water and other related natural resources.

NRICD is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of five voting directors and several associate directors. These local individuals provide administrative guidance and focus the actions of the Northern District.

Our Board represents various communities and environmental interests throughout Providence County. There are three appointed and two elected voting directors.

NRICD Board Meetings are held virtually on the 4th Tuesday of each month @ 4:30pm, with no meeting in July. Meetings are open to the public and all are encouraged to attend. Please call for zoom instructions and to be sure there has been no change in scheduled date.

Volunteers are needed to serve as Associate Directors on our Board or to assist with projects. Please call the office for more information at (401) 934-0840.

2019-2020 Annual ReportBoard Members

  • Richard Went, Chair (Appointed)
    Term expires January 2023
    Foster, RI
  • Matt Tracy, Vice Chair (Elected)
    Term expires November 2022
    Providence, RI
  • Marc Tremblay, Director (Elected)
    Term Expires November 2022
    Pascoag, RI
  • George Gettinger,  Director (Elected)
    Term Expires January 2023
    Cumberland, RI
  • Paul Dolan, Associate Director
    Scituate, RI
  • Norm Hammond, Associate Director
    Foster, RI
  • Jean Lynch, Associate Director
    Johnston, RI

Back row (L-R): Matt Tracy, Director; Paul Dolan, Associate Director; Marc Tremblay, Chair; Richard Went, Vice Chair. Front row (L-R): Jean Lynch, Treasurer; Norman Hammond, Associate Director. Not Pictured: George Gettinger, Director.

Gina DeMarco
District Manager

Molly Allard
Water Resources Outreach
& Education Program Manager

Gennifer Keller
Urban Agriculture
Program Coordinator




Annie Ragan
Agriculture & Forestry

Jenna Riessen
Farm Bill
Administrative Assistant

Kate Sayles
Agriculture & Forestry
Program Manager

The Essence of the Conservation Districts
Conservation districts across the country have specialized in the reduction of non-point sources of pollution such as soil erosion, animal waste, pesticides and fertilizers, poorly operating septic systems,  and household hazardous wastes since the dust bowl of the 1930's.

While the devastation of soil erosion by wind gave birth to the first Conservation Districts, agricultural  impacts, increased development and urban sprawl have all challenged the Districts to take the lead in protecting natural resources through educating the public and providing technical assistance.

In Providence County, the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District works in partnership with private land owners, farmers, municipalities, state and federal agencies, as well as non-governmental agencies. NRICD is not a regulatory or enforcement agency, but rather provides assistance to those who desire to work as a team to face issues -- watershed by watershed.

Our Vision....
Helping people help themselves care for, restore and become stewards of our natural resources.

Our Mission….
The Northern Rhode Island Conservation District fosters a community-based approach to the stewardship of northern Rhode Island's  natural resources through education and outreach into the communities, technical assistance and partnership with other agencies.

And Goals....

  • Protect and Conserve Water Resources
    Working with our partners we seek to obtain fishable, swimmable waters throughout Providence County and to protect valuable drinking water supplies.
  • Reduce Soil Erosion
    Reduction of soil erosion not only protects water bodies and ecosystems, but also ensures healthy top soil for plant production.  We provide farmers, municipalities and private land owners with valuable information, as well as proper technical assistance.


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